The First Bancorp Frequently Asked Questions

    When did First National Lincoln Corporation change its name to The First Bancorp?
    On April 30, 2008 its shareholders voted in favor of the name change.  The name change became effective on May 2, 2008.

    What is the ticker symbol for The First Bancorp?
    The Company will continue to use FNLC.

    When and where was First National Lincoln Incorporated?
    On January 15, 1985 in the State of Maine

    How long has The First, N.A. been in existence?
    The Bank was chartered under the National Banking Act on May 30, 1864 as The First National Bank of Damariscotta and changed its name to The First, N.A ("The First") in 2005.

    How long has the Company and the Bank been stockholder owned?
    The Bank has been stockholder owned since its creation in 1864. The Company was established in 1985 and owns 100% of the stock of the Bank.

    When was FNLC listed on Nasdaq?
    July 1999. Prior to that date, the stock was available over the counter only.

    How long has the stock been paying a dividend?
    Our shareholders have received cash dividends every year for more than 35 years.

    How many shareholders does the company have?
    As of February 2011, the number of shareholders was approximately 3,600.

    What was the last stock split?
    The Company did a 3-for-1 stock spilt in June of 2004. A listing of all stock splits since 1966 can be found in the Performance & History section on the Stock History page of this website.

    Where are the shares traded?
    The Company's shares are traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol of FNLC. Any brokerage firm should be able to effect a purchase or sale of FNLC shares for you.

    Does The First Bancorp have a stock buyback program?
    Not at this time.


    Does the Company have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?
    Yes. The First Bancorp allows shareholders to reinvest all or part of their dividends automatically without charges for brokerage commissions or fees. For additional information, see the Dividend Reinvestment page of this website.

    Can I buy or sell stock directly through The First Bancorp?
    Except for the Dividend Reinvestment Plan, the Company does not deal directly with buyers or sellers in the purchase or sale of The First Bancorp shares.

    What is the Company's CUSIP number?
    The Company's CUSIP, or standard investment security identification number, is 31866P 102.

    Who is the transfer agent?
    The First, N. A. serves as the Company's transfer agent. For addition information, see the Contacts and Transfer Agent page of this website.

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